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Paddle boarding in La Jolla was quite challenging.

When my brother told me that this would be very different than the ones we’ve done before, I was already expecting the worst and already told myself that i would just sit down most of the time. He was right, it was different. This one made paddle boarding in Newport like a child’s play. Waves were huge and it was challenging enough to get my board as far away from the shore.  Whenever i tried to stand up, I lost my balance immediately because waves just kept on coming. I was trying to keep going as far as I can from the shore but it seems like the waves kept pulling me back to the shore. Finally, I gave up and just paddle on my knees and then sit down for the remainder of the time. 2 people in our group got it though, so it was pretty cool to see them actually standing up in the middle of the ocean. 

In all honesty though, I don’t mind the waves. It was a different experience and I loved it. What I didn’t really like was the fact that we had to carry our own boards to the beach and um yea, those boards are quite heavy. Carrying the board in the beginning was fine but after 2 hours of paddle boarding in the crazy waves, it got pretty hard to carry the board back to the shop because I was so tired. I think i’m just spoiled by the paddle boarding service in OC where the people at the shop just pretty much lay down the board for us and we just hop on it. 

I felt the results right away; my arms are so sore and my wrists are hurting. This is the most sore I’ve ever felt from paddle boarding so I guess I really did some workout today. I wish the store got closer to the beach though that way, even if we have to carry our own boards, we wouldn’t have to carry it for so long. But I definitely would love to come back here so I can actually stand up !

Also, I really want to do stand up paddle board in a lake now, or somewhere with waterfall, or just anywhere. Just checked paddle boarding in Bali too and I think I might be doing that when I’m in Bali next month :)

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" A woman of virtue is irresistible to a godly man."
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how did i end up liking a super shy guy? it’s so hard to talk to him … -_-

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I don’t think I can handle paddle boarding in La jolla yet but at the same time, I don’t wanna miss out on the challenges because it seems so fun! 

and plus i already bought a new bikini bottom for it haha 

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Because tomorrow we are finally growing! :)


Because tomorrow we are finally growing! :)

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