All I need is 1:16 to brag on my King πŸ‘‘
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…You need me or you’re NOTHING.

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I don’t want to talk to you or even be friends with you ever again. You may say maybe in the future but for now, I’m gonna say NO. So can you please just leave me alone and not talk to me at all? Sending me a message on Facebook, adding me on the bible app, you’re just making yourself look pathetic to me. I already forgive you for what you’ve done to me but that doesn’t mean everything is okay and we can instantly be friends again. Respect my boundary and do not talk to me.

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bible study, fellowship, praise and worship with fellow believers

bible study, fellowship, praise and worship with fellow believers

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How Do You Know Someone Is The One? (x)

all about the season of preparation :)

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  • Jacob was a cheater;
  • Peter had a temper;
  • David had an affair;
  • Noah got drunk;
  • Jonah ran away from God;
  • Paul was a murderer;
  • Gideon was insecure;
  • Miriam was gossiper;
  • Martha was a nerve wreck;
  • Thomas was a doubter;
  • Sarah was impatient;
  • Elijah was depressed;
  • Moses stuttered;
  • Zaccheus was short;
  • Abraham was old and
  • Lazarus was dead.
  • God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
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T o d a y

I experienced great joy when one of my non-believer friend told me that he started praying yesterday.

It’s an amazing feeling. It truly is

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